Sunday, July 12, 2015

Daniel Stocking of Company B is buried in Grattan Cemetery, not Wells Cemetery

Having walked both cemeteries this past week I can safely say that Dan Stocking, his wife Lucy and his parents as well as other family members are definitively buried in Grattan Cemetery, Kent County, and not in Wells Cemetery in Ottawa County. Oddly, each family member is listed in both places, but there are stones for them only in Grattan, as you can see (Dan in the middle with the flag):

Tucked away inside a facility for boarding horses, Wells Cemetery has plenty of missing stones to be sure but none that list Stocking:

Whitneyville Cemetery: the King brothers

Hiram King of the 5th Michigan Infantry, Alvin King of the 6th Michigan Cavalry and Myron King of the 3rd Michigan Infantry. Myron's stone is facing his two brothers and set back nearly out of the cemetery into the undergrowth, even though it's a relatively new stone. When I photographed this nearly a quarter f a century ago it was a very weather stone roughly in line with the other two King brothers.

Myron murdered his wife and then shot and killed himself.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Edward Morse buried in Garfield Park cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Now that I'm returning to Grand Rapids, one of my first projects is to rephotograph the gravesites of the men of the Old 3rd. The photos I took more than 20 years ago we limited in scope, quality and quantity. I hope to rectify that over the coming months.

whether I get around to posting all of the "reshoots" here or not remains to be seen -- I've already shot more than 600 images to date. But here's a sample of what I'm doing now, environment shots as well as multiple closeups: