Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aaron F. Farr

Aaron F. Farr was born 1836, possibly in Canada.

In 1860 there was one Aaron Farr working as a mill laborer and living with the Adams family in Tallmadge, Ottawa County.

Aaron stood 5’6” with blue eyes, light hair and a light complexion, and was 25 years old and possibly living in Tallmadge, Ottawa County when he enlisted in Company B on May 13, 1861. He was present for duty from January of 1862 through April, and absent sick at the hospital in Yorktown, Virginia on April 1, 1862 suffering from “piles” (hemorrhoids). He was eventually treated at Judiciary Square hospital in Washington, DC, and reported absent sick in the hospital at the corner of Sixth and D Streets and in the Eighth Street hospital in Washington, DC, from June 3, 1862, through July and August.

Aaron's name was dropped from the company rolls on September 21, 1862, in compliance with G.O. no. 92 (regarding deserters), for having allegedly deserted on September 21, 1862, at Upton’s Hill, Virginia. Although Far was probably in the hospital in September, his military service record notes that the “charge of desertion not to be removed and [that he be given] no honorable discharge.” (Emphasis mine.) Apparently there was no record of his having been absent sick or wounded at the time he was reported as a deserter. Alternatively, he may have deserted from the hospital, although there is no record of that either.

After his discharge from the army Aaron eventually returned to Michigan and in June of 1888 he was living in Waters, Otsego County when he applied for a pension (application no. 660,904), but it was rejected “on the grounds that the claimant deserted and never returned to his command and for the reason that an application for removal of charge of desertion and for an honorable discharge in the case has been denied.”

By August of 1888 he was living in Houghton, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada, suffering, he claimed in a letter to the pension commissioner, from piles so bad that he had had to quit work as a laborer and leave Otsego. He may have been residing in Detroit’s Sixth Ward in 1894.

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Anonymous said...

Aaron Fernando Farr was an ancestor of mine. I guess that this confirms that this was our same Aaron Farr. Aaron died in 1889 in Houghton, Norfolk Co., Ont..