Books on the 3rd

The Histories

Based on over 30 years of research and thousands of pages of primary and contemporary source materials, the history of the first infantry regiment to leave Grand Rapids, Michigan for the war in Virginia, is available in two volumes from

History of the 3rd Michigan 1855-1865  The story of the regiment from its beginnings in the mid-1850s when western Michigan was a frontier to its final mustering out of federal service. in June of 1864 More than 450 pages long with a detailed chronology, rosters, numerous appendices, an extensive bibliography and exhaustive surname index.

History of the 3rd Michigan Infantry Association 1870-1927 Recounts the creation of the Old 3rd Michigan Infantry Association in the early 1870s and describes each of the 55 annual reunions. Based on newspaper accounts and association records, also comes with an extensive surname index and membership roster.

Also available is The Generals of the 3rd Michigan Infantry Provides comprehensive biographical sketches of the five men who were awarded the rank of brevet general during the American Civil War; four brigadier generals: Stephen G. Champlin, Moses B. Houghton, Israel C. Smith, and Ambrose A. Stevens; and one major general Byron R. Pierce.

The Biographies

Now available in print on Amazon the biographies of every one of the 1,411 men who served at one time or another in the 3rd Michigan Infantry, 1st organization.  In four volumes, on Amazon:

Abbott to Cutler

Dailey to Kusig

Lacey to Ryan

Salisbury to Zoll

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