Saturday, April 23, 2011

Norman G. White

Norman G. White was born in 1843, in New York, probably the son of Levi (b. 1808) and Julie (b. 1805).

New York natives Levi and Julie were married, sometimebefore 1829 presumably in New York where they resided for many years. By 1850 Norman (or Nathan ) was attending school with one of his older sisters, Frances and living with his family on a large farm in Attica, Wyoming County, New York. Levi eventually left New York and by the time he settled in Michigan had remarried to New York native Phebe A. (b. 1808). By 1860 Norman was working as a farm laborer and living with his family in Bowne, Kent County.

Norman was 18 years old and probably still living in Bowne when he enlisted in Company D on May 13, 1861. Norman was apparently a good friend of George Miller of Company A, and it is quite possible that Miller, who had also lived in Bowne before the war had known White prior to enlisting. In any case, Miller mentioned White on at least two occasions in letters home in the fall of 1861. On October 15, 1861, Miller wrote to his parents that he had “bought a nice little revolver a while ago for $8 and sold it again to Norman White for the same price,” and on October 24 he wrote home that he and White “went down to Mount Vernon the other day, . . .”

Both Norman and George were killed in action on May 31, 1862, at Fair Oaks, Virginia, and are presumably among the unknown soldiers buried at Seven Pines National Cemetery.

No pension seems to be available.

Norman’s parents were still living in Bowne in 1870 and in Caledonia, Kent County in 1880.

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