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Elias H. Judd = updated 1/17/2016

Elias H. Judd was born in 1838 in New York, the son of Lyman (b. 1812 in New York) and Mary (Camp, b. 1817 in New York).

Between 1842 and 1844 Elias and his family left New York and settled in Illinois. By 1850 Elias was attending school with his siblings and living on the family farm in Laona, Winnebago County, Illinois. Lyman and Mary were still living in Laona, Illinois in 1860. Sometime before the war broke out Elias left Illinois and moved to western Michigan, probably in Muskegon or Newaygo County.

Elias was 22 years old and possibly living in Newaygo County, Michigan, when he enlisted in Company K on May 13, 1861. He was wounded in the neck on August 29, 1862, at Second Bull Run, subsequently hospitalized and in September was in the hospital at Fort McHenry, Maryland. He remained absent wounded in the hospital (probably in Baltimore) until June and in July of 1863 he was reported guarding an ammunition train. He eventually rejoined the Regiment and was taken prisoner on May 7, 1864, at the Wilderness, Virginia, paroled on February 27, 1865, and transferred to a hospital in Annapolis, Maryland. He was admitted on April 7, 1865, to Newton University hospital in Baltimore from Annapolis, and sometime near the end of May was sent to a hospital in York, Pennsylvania.

On May 26, Elias wrote from the general hospital at York to Michigan Adjutant General John Robertson, saying that he was a former prisoner of war and that his time for discharge has come and gone. “I was captured the 7th of May 1864 in the battle of the Wilderness,” he wrote, “was wounded so I could not travel and . . . paroled February the 27, 1865.” Judd added that since he had “been able to up and around I have been a waiting for a Descriptive List” and asked that Robertson send either the List or a certificate of transfer to him “as I expect you have the Co. books or rolls and can send the Descriptive List with the amount of clothing and when last paid.” He was mustered out on June 22, 1865.

In 1865 he applied for and was granted a pension (no. 67333). He was a member of the Old 3rd Michigan Infantry Association.

It is not known if Elias returned to Michigan or Illinois after the war. His father Lyman was living in Laona, Winnebago County, Illinois in 1865 and in 1880.

According to the Old 3rd Association records by the 1880s Elias was living at 105 College Avenue, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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