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How many men served in the 3rd Michigan? - update 5/20/2017

Based on present research, when the 3rd Michigan left Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 13, 1861, it had enrolled (inclusive of officers, musicians and wagoners) 1,046 men and officers:

Company A 102
Company B 100
Company C 103
Company D 101
Company E 102
Company F 103
Company G 101
Company H 102
Company I 106
Company K 99
Staff 8
Band 19

During its existence, the Old 3rd Michigan Infantry recruited some 366 additional men. They joined the original group of 1,046 who had enlisted by June 10, 1861, for a total of 1,412 men who either enlisted in or were assigned to the regiment during the war.

Of the total enrolled:

Company A 127
Company B 123
Company C 132
Company D 133
Company E 163
Company F 130
Company G 126
Company H 128
Company I 144
Company K 131
Unassigned 44
Staff 11
Band 20

It should also be noted, however, of the Unassigned five men are accounted in the transfer to the 5th Michigan infantry upon consolidation of the two regiments in June of 1864, and nine others are known to have entered other units instead of the Third Michigan, leaving a total of 30 men who remain today unaccounted for.

We can say with some certainty that a total of 1,373 men actually served at one time or another and in one capacity or another in the Third Michigan infantry (first organization).

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