Saturday, July 18, 2009

Charles N. Leroy

Charles N. Leroy was born in 1837.

Charles was probably living in the Lansing area when the war broke out and he became a member of the Lansing militia company called the “Williams’ Rifles,” whose members would serve as the nucleus of Company G on May 10, 1861. He was 24 years old and probably living in Ingham County when he enlisted in Company G. He was wounded in the foot on July 1, 1862, at Avery’s Hill or Malvern Hill, Virginia. According to Homer Thayer, of Company G, early in the morning of July 1 “a Minnie [sic] ball, (of which there we many still dropping around us although we could not hear a gun) struck one of our company, Charles W. LeRoy, who was lying near me at the right of our company, and inflicted a painful wound in his foot.”

Charles was subsequently hospitalized through September, and allegedly deserted on October 23, 1862, at Upton Hill’s, Virginia.

There is no further record, and no pension seems to be available.

According to one source he may have settled in Leelanau County after the war. In 1884 there was a farmer named Charles Leroy living in the area of Lockwod, Mecosta County. However, he was not the same Charles Leroy who was a civil war veteran living in Shelby, Macomb County in 1890 and 1894.

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