Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Judson Adoniram Smoke

Judson Adoniram Smoke was born on February 1, 1837, in Elbridge, Oneida County, New York, probably the son of Henry H. (b. 1810) and Therza (Lee, 1809-1860).

New York natives Henry and Thirza were married sometime before 1837 when they were living in Ohio. Between 1837 and 1835 they moved to New York and then between 1840 and 1841 they moved to Michigan. By 1850 “Adoniram” was attending school with two older siblings and living on the family farm in Woodland, Barry County. By 1860 “Judson” was living in Boston, Ionia County.

Judson married New York native Mary Ann (1832-1916), on May 5, 1860, possibly in Michigan, and they probably had at least three children: Herbert, Herman (b. 1862) and Judson S. (b. 1865).

Judson was a 25-year-old farmer probably living in Boston when he enlisted in Company H on February 17, 1862, at Saranac, Ionia County for 3 years, and was mustered the same day. He was wounded in the thumb during the battle of Fair Oaks, Virginia on May 31, 1862, and apparently home in Ionia County (perhaps Saranac) recovering his health in mid-June of 1862. While he may have returned to the Regiment and was possibly wounded a second time on August 29, 1862, at Second Bull Run, he was reported absent sick in the hospital in August.

Judson allegedly deserted on September 21 at Upton’s Hill, Virginia, and was returned from desertion on November 7 at Warrenton, Virginia. He was discharged on November 3, 1862, at Finley general hospital in Washington, DC, for “partial paralysis of left leg with chronic rheumatism of six months’ standing.”

After he was discharged from the army Judson returned to his home in Ionia County.

Judson died on June 19, 1865, at his home in Ionia, and was buried in Pinckney cemetery in Ionia County.

In November of 1865 his widow applied for and received a pension (no. 211978).

By 1870 she was living in Keene, Ionia County (she owned $1500 worth of real estate) with two of her sons; also living with her was 18-year-old Lewis Smoke.

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