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Solomon P. Tumy

Solomon P. Tumy was born in 1826.

Solomon was 35 years old, married and probably living in Muir, Ionia County, Michigan, when he enlisted as First Lieutenant of Company E on May 13, 1861.

On June 24, 1861, just eleven days after the Third Michigan left Grand Rapids for Washington, DC, a Mr. R. Lagau of Muir wrote to the general superintendent of the Detroit & Milwaukee Railroad at Detroit that “The wife of S. P. Tumay first Lieutenant 3d Regiment Michigan Volunteers, was unable to accompany her husband east when the Regiment left here owing to Indisposition. She is now, however, able (so far as health is concerned) and anxious to follow after and reach her husband. She asked me to apply to you for a pass over our Road to Detroit, and also, please say what her chances are for a pass on other roads over which she will have to go on her route to Washington City. Mr. & Mrs. Tumay are very fine people and their many friends here will feel very grateful for your consideration of her request and assistance in helping her forward. Mrs. Tumay says the officers were not paid before the Regiment left, and that she is really in need of the help above asked.”

It is not known if Tumy’s wife ever got to Washington. Solomon was reported absent sick without proper authority in July of 1862, and he resigned on account of disability on August 7, 1862.

There is no pension available.

It is quite possible that he was living in Detroit, Michigan, in August of 1865 when he apparently witnessed the pension application of Rev. Joseph Anderson, former Old Third Michigan chaplain.

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