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Five men who began their military career in the 3rd Michigan ended the war as brevet generals: 

  • Brigadier General Stephen Champlin began the war as Major
  • Brigadier General Moses Houghton began as Captain of Company D
  • Brigadier General Israel Smith began as a lieutenant in Company F
  • Brigadier General Ambrose Stevens began as Lieutenant Colonel
  • Major General Byron R. Pierce began as Captain of Company K (pictured above)

Of these five, only Champlin did not survive the war. 

Of the original Field & Staff:

  • Colonel Dan McConnell remained a Colonel
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ambrose Stevens became a Brevet Brigadier General
  • Major Stephen Champlin became a Brevet Brigadier General
  • Quartermaster Robert Collins ended the war as a Captain of Subsistence
  • Dr. D. W. Bliss ended the war as a Colonel
  • Dr. Zenas Bliss finished the war as Lieutenant Colonel
  • Drum Major Valentine Rebhun was discharged for disability and reentered the 19th Michigan infantry 

Of the Musicians who served in the Old 3rd Michigan: 

  • 2 would become Captains
  • 2 became First Lieutenants
  • 1 became a Second Lieutenant

Of the 10 original Captains: 

  • Samuel Judd of Company A died a Captain
  • Adolph Birkenstock of Company C ended the war a Sergeant
  • Byron Pierce of Company K became a Brevet Major General
  • Moses Houghton of Company D became a Brevet Brigadier General
  • the rest remained captains

Of the 10 original First Lieutenants: 

  • 5 became Captains
  • 3 remained First Lieutenants
  • Charles Spang of Company H ended the war a Private
  • Fred Worden of Company F became a Lieutenant Colonel

Of the 9 original Second Lieutenants: 

  • Israel Smith of Company E became a Brevet Brigadier General
  • William Ryan of Company H became a Major
 2 became Captains
  • 2 became First Lieutenants
  • 2 remained Second Lieutenants
  • George Phillips of Company D ended the war a Sergeant

Of 48 Sergeants: 

  • Dan Root of Company K ended the war a Lieutenant Colonel
  • Homer Thayer of Company G became a Major
  • George Remington of Company F became an Adjutant
  • 13 became Captains
  • 5 became First Lieutenants
  • 6 became Second Lieutenants
  • 10 remained Sergeants
  • 1 ended the war a corporal
  • 9 came out of the war as Privates

Of 78 Corporals: 

  • Don Lovell of Company A became a Major
  • Peter Weber of Company A became a Major
  • Milton Leonard of Company F a Captain
  • 8 became Lieutenants
  • 8 ended the war as Sergeants
  • 27 remained corporals
  • 17 ended the war as Privates

Four Privates would become Majors: Emery Moon, Dan Kennicutt, George Nairn, and Michael Long

  • 8 privates would become Captains
  • 11 became First Lieutenants
  • 3 became Second Lieutenants
  • 1 was a Naval Ensign.

Curiously, not one man who enlisted in the Old 3rd Michigan after June of 1861 became a commissioned officer.

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