Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Francis Brinnick

Francis Brinnick, also known as “Brummick” or “Brunnick”, was born 1836 in Michigan.

In 1850 there was a 56-year-old shoemaker listed only as “Mr. Brinnick”, born in Ireland, living and working with another shoemaker named Thomas Perinton (?) in Jackson, Jackson County, Michigan; also living with him was his son (?) James J. Brinnick, born c. 1841 in Michigan and attending school in 1850. In any case, by 1860 Francis was living in Dallas, Clinton County with the Jacob Drake family. (Also living with the Drake family was one Jane Brinnick, age 20 also born in Michigan.)

Francis was 25 years old and still living in Clinton County when he enlisted on May 23, 1861, in Company C. He was taken prisoner on November 30, 1863, at Mine Run, Virginia, and confined first at Richmond on December 30 -- probably in Libby prison. He was subsequently sent to Andersonville, Georgia on March 18, 1864. According to prison medical records he was admitted for diarrhea to the prison hospital on March 13, 1864 and returned to the prison the following day. Francis recovered but was returned to the hospital on June 8 for diarrhea and scorbutus (scurvy).

He died of dysentery on July 1, 1864, and was buried in the National Cemetery at Andersonville: no. 3479.

There appears to be no pension available.

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