Sunday, March 23, 2008

George W. Chrysler

George W. Chrysler, also known as “Christie”, was born 1845 in Vergennes, Kent County, Michigan, the son of Jacob (1820-1853) and Naomi (Bermans, 1825-1853).

New York natives, Jacob and Naomi were married about 1841, probably in New York, but by 1843 they had moved to Michigan. By 1850 George was living with his family in Vergennes, Kent County (although he was also on the 1850 census rolls for Georgetown, Ottawa County, along with his mother and two sisters). In any case, by 1860 only his older brother (?) Edward and one of his sisters, Josephine, were living in Georgetown.

George was 16 years old and probably living in Olive, Ottawa County when he enlisted with the consent of the Justice of the Peace in Company I on May 13, 1861.

He and was killed in action on August 29, 1862, at Second Bull Run, and was presumably buried among the unknown bodies sent to Arlington National Cemetery for interment.

No pension seems to be available.

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