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George Herrington

George Herrington was born in 1820, 1822 or 1825 in Otsego County, New York, possibly the son of Reuben (b. 1800) and Lila (b. 1802).

New York natives Reuben and Lila were probably married in New York and resided in Otsego County before moving to Ohio between 1825 and 1827.

In any case, George married New York native Lovina or Lenora (b. 1826), and they had at least nine children: Alvira (b. 1847), Elizabeth (b. 1850), Elijah (b. 1854), Benjamin (b. 1856) and Lucy (b. 1858), Ruth (b. 1860), Hiram (b. 1864), Sarah (b. 1865) and Jacob (b. 1868).

George and his wife had settled in Ohio by 1847 and sometime between 1847 and 1850 moved to Michigan. By 1850 George and his family were living next door to Rueben and Lila and their younger children in Ronald, Ionia County, Michigan and worked two farms side-by-side. By 1860 George and Lovina and their children were living in Odessa, Ionia County.

George stood 5’7” with blue eyes, light hair and a light complexion and was about 37 years old and working as a farmer probably in Odessa when he enlisted in Company K on March 3, 1862 at Saranac, Ionia County for 3 years, and was mustered on March 1 (he was possibly related to Oscar Herrington of Company D). George was discharged on May 29, 1862, at Camp Winfield Scott, Virginia for measles and “loss of physical strength.”

After he was discharged from the army George eventually returned to Michigan. By 1870 he was working as a farmer and living with his wife and children in South Cass, Odessa Township, Ionia County, and by 1880 he was working as a farmer and living with his wife and children in Odessa, Ionia County. By 1888 he was living in South Cass, Odessa Township, and was probably living in Odessa by 1894.

In 1885 (?) George applied for a pension (application no. 544053), but the certificate was never granted.

According to one source he died on June 9, 1894, probably in Lake Odessa and was buried in Lakeside cemetery, Lake Odessa.

His widow also applied for a pension as well (no. 664002) but that claim was also abandoned.

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