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Ashley O. Swegels - updated 3/28/2015

Ashley O. Swegels was born in 1843.

Ashley was 18 years old and possibly living in Kent County, Michigan, when he enlisted with his parents’ consent as Second Corporal in Company K on May 13, 1861. He was discharged for consumption on June 2, 1862, at Newport News, Virginia.

He reentered the service in the U. S. Navy on August 1, 1862,for one year,  serving as ordinary seaman on the U.S.S. Robb. He was discharged from the navy at the expiration of his term of service on August 18, 1863.

Ashley eventually moved to Buffalo, New York where he worked for many years in the fire department, living (or working) at 123 Sixth street. He was working as an engineer and living at 337 Eagle in Buffalo, New York, in 1890 when he applied for a pension from the army (no. 757477), but the certificate was never granted. Five years later he applied (no. 40383) and was granted a pension for his service in the navy (certificate no. 37042).

Ashley was married to Mary E.

He was probably still living in Buffalo when he joined the GAR Post 254 in Buffalo, on January 23, 1903.

He died at Needles, California, on July 19, 1906.

In 1908 his widow applied for (no. 27500) and was granted a pension (no. 21283).

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