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Taylor brothers: Chauncey, James, John and Martin - update 8/31/2016

The Taylor brothers were four sons of the son of James Hough (born 1811 in Ontario, Canada, died 1873 in Michigan) and Harriet Brewer (born 1811 in New York, died 1854 in Michigan).

James married Harriet on November 11, 1832, in Wilson, Niagara County, New York, and came to Michigan sometime before 1834. By 1840 the family had settled in Oakland County. Sometime probably after 1843 James moved his family again, and by 1850 had settled in Eagle Township, Clinton County. After Harriet died in May of 1854, James remarried to Chloe Stansell in July of that same year and the family settled in Allendale, Ottawa County. James was serving as a Justice of the Peace in Ottawa County by the early 1860s.

See their individual biographical sketches:

Chauncey Brewer Taylor
James Mortimer Taylor
John Abram Taylor
Martin Van Buren Taylor

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You can learn more about James Hough Taylor and his sons John, James, Martin and Chauncey (and the rest of their family) at

There are photos of Martin at and Chauncey at