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Alexander Parks

Alexander Parks was born on September 7, 1829, in New York, the son or grandson of Smith III (1777-1859) and Catharine (Sitzer, 1778-1856).

Alexander’s parents were both born in New York and presumably married there in about 1798, and for many years lived in New York State. By 1843 the family had moved westward and were living in Dallas, Clinton County, Michigan. (In fact, both Catharine and Smith died in Fowler, Clinton County.)

Alexander was probably living in Dallas where he married Vermont native Susan M. Sergent (1833-1885), on December 28, 1848, and they had at least five and perhaps six children: Azelia (b. 1849), Julius (b. 1850), Dennis (b. 1855), Emeline (b. 1856), an unnamed infant (b. 1860) and possibly a daughter Ellen M. (d. 1878).

By 1850 Alexander and his family were living on a farm near the farms of his parents and several of his siblings, in Dallas; in fact Alexander’s older brother Vincent and his family and another brother Philo were living right next door. On the other side lived Susan’s family and near them lived two more Parks family farms. Alexander and his wife and children were still living on a farm in Dallas in 1860; also living with them was one George Sergeant, probably Susan’s younger brother. And living nexct door was one Orrin Parks and his family, possibly one of Alexander’s older brothers..

He stood 5’5” with gray eyes, gray hair and a dark complexion and was 34 years old and probably working as a farmer living in Dallas when he enlisted in Company C on January 25, 1864, at Dallas for 3 years, crediting Clinton County, and was mustered the same day at Corunna, Shiawassee County. He joined the Regiment on April 16 at Brandy Station, Virginia, and was probably wounded on May 6, at the Wilderness, Virginia, after which he was hospitalized, He was listed as still absent sick when he was transferred to Company I, Fifth Michigan infantry upon consolidation of the Third and Fifth Michigan Regiments on June 10, 1864. Alexander remained absent until he was discharged for disability on either August 29 or September 3, 1864, at Washington, DC.

After he left the army Alexander returned to Michigan. By 1880 he was working as a farmer and living with his wife Susan in Arcada, Gratiot County; two farms away lived his son Julius and his family. He was living in Ithaca, Gratiot County in 1888 and in Bethany or Arcada, Gratiot County in 1890 and in Arcada in 1894.

In February of 1865 he applied for and received a pension (no. 152548).

Alexander was possibly a widower when he died, and was buried in Ithaca Township cemetery, Gratiot County.

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