Saturday, February 06, 2010

Stephen Eugene Page

Stephen Eugene Page was born on March 21, 1845, in Ionia County, Michigan, the son of Stephen F. (1817-1892) and Mary Ann (1818-1903).

New Hampshire native Stephen F. and New York-born Mary Ann were married and settled in Lyons, Ionia County sometime before 1840, and by 1850 Stephen Eugene was attending school and living with his family on a farm in Ionia, Ionia County. By 1860 Stephen E. was still attending school and living with his family in Ionia where his father was a wealthy land agent and lawyer, and his older sister Julia was a schoolteacher (Julia died in May of 1861) .

Stephen E. stood 5’11” with hazel eyes, light hair and a light complexion and was 16 years old and may have been working as a Musician in Ionia when he enlisted in the Band on June 10, 1861. He was discharged for lung disease on July 18, 1861, at Fort Lyon, Virginia.

Stephen E. returned to his family home in Ionia (his father was still a land agent in Ionia in 1863), where he died, probably of “lung disease” on May 7, 1866. He was buried in Oakhill cemetery, Ionia County.

In 1870 Stephen’s father was working as a land speculator in Ionia (he owned some $20,000 worth of real estate and another $30,000 in personal property) and still living in Ionia in 1876. By 1880 Stephen’s parents were living on a farm in Dinwiddie County, Virginia.

In 1880 Stephen’s mother applied for and received a dependent mother’s pension (no. 368682). By 1891 she was living at 704 W. Washington in Ionia.

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