Sunday, March 21, 2021

Birth places - updated 22 September 2022

Of the 1,285 reported birthplaces of the men of the Old 3rd Michigan Infantry 217 were born in Europe, and 74 in Canada, or some or more than 22% of the reported places of birth. Another  998 in the United States.

From Europe the highest number came from present-day Germany (107), followed by England (39), Scotland (14) and Ireland (35).  

In the United States, the overwhelming number of men were born were born in New York State (497), accounting for nearly39% of the total reported. Next was Michigan with 225 or about 18% of reported birthplaces; of that number 31 men were born in Kent County (the point of origin for the regiment). Third highest was Ohio (131).  

Taken together, New York, Ohio and Michigan accounted for more than two-thirds (66.4%) of all reported birthplaces.

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