Wednesday, March 24, 2021


Left out of the "Brown Book" Regimental Record of Service 

For reasons which are today unclear, 35 men were not listed in the official state-sponsored regimental record of history of service of the Old 3rd Michigan Infantry. 

The so-called "Brown Book" series underwritten by the Michigan State Adjutant General's Office under the direction of then Adjutant General George Brown, consisted of one volume for each regiment listing each soldier's name followed by the company letter. "Unassigned" refers to a soldier who was never assigned to a company in the 3rd Michigan, often as the result of being assigned or transferred to another unit but that was not always the case. Unfortunately the record remains unclear on this.

Given their well-known reputation and status int he local West Michigan community, some of the missing names, such as Adolphe Campau, Edwin Pierce, Don Lovell and Daniel Littlefield are indeed surprising.

Daniel Littlefield
BELLOWS, George W. - E
BENSON, John - D
IGGS, Solomon D. - D
BRADFORD, James H. - C
BURBANK, Isaac - F
BURGESS, Maynard E. - Unassigned
CAMPAU, Adolph T. - A
CHAILLE, Preston - Unassigned
CLAY, George S. - E
DIBBLE, Austin P. - K
DRAPER, Charles S. - I
EBERLY, Antony - C
FISHER, Rendel - Unassigned
FOOTE, Allen Ripley - B
GARLOCK, Alfred A. - E
HAMILL, Charles O. - Unassigned
HARKER, John - Unassigned
HARRIS, John - Unassigned
KILBY, Patrick - G
LOVELL, Don G. - A
LUCAS, John - Unassigned
MONROE, William - Unassigned
MOUCHAM, Edwin - Unassigned
NEAL, Carlton - K
OWEN, William M. or Marvin - D
PARM, James - I
PAUSTLE, Austin - H
PERRY, Silas S. - G
PIERCE, Edwin S. - E
SAYLES, William G. or R. - B
SEELAND, Edward - C
SHELDON, George W. - E
STRONG, John J. - G
TAYLOR, Lyman A. - H

Another 7 were listed only in the 5th Michigan Infantry regimental history:

BARKER, Fred - K
BISSOT, Henry - Unassigned
CHAMBERLAIN, Charles -Unassigned
KORTEN, George - Unassigned
MONTAGUE, Charles - Unassigned
STEELE, Peter - G

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