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Charles Parker - updated 5/23/2016

Charles Parker was born in September of 1832 in Wayne County, Michigan, possibly the son of Charles.

By 1840 there was an Alanson Parker possibly living in Washtenaw County. In 1850 Charles may have been attending school and working as a farmer with one Alanson (born 1797 in Vermont) and Sarah (born 1818 in Connecticut) Parker and Henry Parker in Handy, Livingston County. Or he may have been the same Charles Parker who was working as a laborer and living with the Willson family (as well as Henry Parker and one Charles Parker born c. 1793 in Canada) in Eureka, Montcalm County.

Charles may have been the same Charles Parker who married Michigan native Elizabeth (b. 1839), probably in Michigan, and they had at least two children: Mary Jane (b. 1856) and David A. (b. 1858).

By 1860 Charles was working as a lumberman and living with his wife and children in Georgetown, Ottawa County; on one side lived Henry Parker and his family and on the other George Weatherwax who would also join the 3rd Michigan, as captain of Company I.

Charles stood 5’10” with blue eyes, black hair and a fair complexion and was 28 years old and probably still living in Georgetown when he enlisted in Company I on May 13, 1861 -- he may have been related to Ben Parker who was also from Ottawa County and who also enlisted in Company I. (Company I was made up largely of men from Ottawa County, particularly from the eastern side of the County.) Charles was discharged for “gastric fever” on October 11, 1861, at Fort Richardson, Virginia.

He eventually returned to Michigan where at the age of 31 he reentered the service as a Private at Grand Rapids, on August 22, 1864, for three years, in Company I, 21st Michigan Infantry and was mustered the same day. He joined the regiment on October 28, and was mustered out on June 8, 1865, at Washington, DC.

He returned to Michigan after the war.

Charles had probably settled in Montcalm County when he married New York native Esther Crosly (b. 1825), on November 8, 1888, in Greenville, Montcalm County.

Charles was working as a housecleaner and living with his wife Esther in Greenville’s 1st Ward in 1900; also living with him were Charles W. Parker (b. 1876) and Ella M. Parker (b. 1875).

He was living in Michigan in 1888 when he applied for and received a pension (no. 548990) for service in both the 3rd and 21st Michigan infantry regiments. He joined the William A. Kent GAR Post No. 83 in Greenville, Montcalm County, on June 17, 1891. Charles died around 1904 probably in Michigan.

His widow was living in Michigan in August of 1904 when she applied for a pension (no. 812465).


Miz J said...

I am investigating the possibility that this Charles Parker is my direct ancestor. Can you tell me if you know for sure that he is not the same Charles Parker that was in Eureka, Montcalm County, Michigan, in the 1850 US Federal Census? I am curious, because your article indicates that he lived in Montcalm County in 1900, so it seems a likely possibility. I don't live near Michigan, so I am hoping you've seen direct evidence that confirms your conclusion. Thanks, and this is a very well put-together site, by the way.

Mrs Maroon said...

I think I have just created a Find-A-Grave memorial for Charles Parker. The tombstone only has C. C. Parker but it says Company I, 3rd Michigan Infantry. This Charles Parker is the only C. Parker I can find that fits that. The interesting thing is that the grave is in Tucson, Arizona. I am not related and have not extensively researched it but did want to bring it to your attention since there does seem to be some question as to where he died.

Mrs Maroon said...

I have just created a Find-A-Grave memorial for a C. Parker who was in Company I, 3rd Michigan Infantry. Since this Charles Parker appears to be the only C. Parker in Company I, I assume it is him. The interesting thing is that the grave is in Tucson, Arizona. I am not related and have not extensively researched what he was doing in Tucson but did want to bring it to your attention.

Steve Soper said...

Thanks, Miz -- according to my research, Charles was living in Livingston County in 1850.

And thanks, Mrs. Maroon -- but it's Benjamin C. Parker who is buried in Tucson, not Charles Parker.

Miz J said...

Mr. Soper,

I have found convincing evidence that the Charles Parker of your biography was the son of Charles Parker and Abigail Wiltha of New York. In the 1860 US Federal Census, he lives next door to his brother Henry, and Henry's death certificate has the parents' names. I found Charles' death certificate, in Spencer, Kent County, Michigan, in July 1904the month before his widow Esther applied for the widow's pension. No one was able to supply Charles' parents' names for the death certificate. Esther died 3 years later in the same town.

You did not share the source of your research indicating that the Charles Parker you found in Livingston County in 1850 was the same Charles Parker as the soldier of your biography. I can't find any convincing evidence that they are the same. If you would like to share your source, I'd appreciate it.

Steve Soper said...

Thanks, Miz -- that's a been a big help to my research. I've just updated my post on Charles -- it's been in need of updating for some time -- and will update it again in the next day or two with your new information. Thanks again for sharing!