Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Biographical sketches updated August of 2016

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Austin, Byron
Bailey, William H.
Baker, Benjamin
Bigelow, Moses
Bliss, D. W.
Brace, William
Bressan, Nelson
Bruer, Henry
Butler, Thomas
Collins, Barnett
Cook, W. S. “Samuel”
Drake, William
Eaton, Henry
Ellsworth, John
Freelove, James
Gillis, Malcolm
Gleason, Lafayette
Granger, Peter
Hammond, George
Haney, Wwilliam
Hapeman, Martin
Hill, G. D.
Howell, Ransom
Johnson, Richard P.
Kearney, Hugh
Kirkland, William
Lewis, Smith K.
Little, James
Lovell, Don
Lubenheimer, Fred
Mackay, Willard
Main, Willard
Martindale, Abram
Metcalf, Levi
Miller, Lewis
Miller, John (1)
Olmstead, Lewlis
Otrey, Thomas
Passineau, Louis
Peck, Dayton S. and Freling S.
Pennoyer, George
Peterson, Theodore
Shekels, Isaac
Spencer, John
Story, Urias
Swain, Charles
Teele, Edgar
Towne, Albert
Van Deusen, James Eaton
Van Dusen, James & Charles
Van Renschler, George
Williams, James
Wilson, William P.
Woodmansee, Oscar

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